Why I am starting this blog

Some time ago, I got curios about “sous vide low temperature cooking” and soon found out, that it is a whole new world. Speaking about it with friends, reading up on it extensively and thinking about combinations, I realized that experience with it really is the key. So I bought equipment and started out with some meats that usually dry out, even with traditional low temperature cooking, like porc, chicken, turkey as well as kid. The more I tried out, the more complicated things seem to become. But more of that in my subsequent posts.

Many of my friends and family like to exchange experiences about cooking with me, as I dedicate a fair amount of my free time, especially since I have retired, to creating tasty, balanced meals. As a good friend, who is an accomplished sculptor in Switzerland and who has enjoyed food cooked by me for decades, said: “your cooking is art to eat”

Cooking, to me, is a creative process, like painting or sculpting, for example, only, after eating it, it exists only in our memories. So my philosophy is to accumulate many amazing memories and share them with my readers.

Sharing my experiences, ideas and new creations and hopefully getting your comments and suggestions is the reason for starting this blog. I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures.